Today was our first session of the highland games.  The project worked out very well and everyone seemed to emjoy themselves.  It  is going to be a very good week of projects.

On the food front, things are much improved but I had to switch to the later breakfast/supper to accomodate the project.  I enjoyed my 45 min of quiet time at camp that the early breakfast allowed.  But it will have to do.

I spent the evening nadge tradimg, but omce agaim without Alexander as they have them on a pretty strict schedule, so I have a feeling I will barely see him this week.  Which really makes me mad as I had hoped to spend the majoroty of the evenings with him.  I wont ruffle feathers over it though.  Bit he is missing out on time we planned for each other.

While badge trading a young girl came up to talk to me, I noticed her from tje day before we chatted and she said the badhe we traded had been stolen out of her bag during the first project and she was out of traders to get a new one.  I happily handed her another one and her eues swelled up with tears, she said she couldn not just take it and I said alright, we’d trade it for her having a good time at CJ17.  She agreed.  It made me miss not havomg Alexander at my side more.

At least Patrick keeps me company.

Day 4 – A Quick Update

I am not going to be long today.  Yesterday started the same way, but this time it started with a lot of rain, and I mean a lot.  The fields are muddy and wet.  I spent most of the breakfast period in the dinning hall before heading down to project where we finished a lot.  Just some final preperations to go Sunday.

I took an extended lunch to meet up with Alexander and got a lovely video of his group arriving, after supper I spent time doing, you guessed it badhe trading.  Before heading to the opening ceremony where I ran into this kid.

Poor guu looked tired already, I gave h hos badges and promised him I would get him a smaller chaor to carry around in the day.  His pack was way to heavy for him as well.  Not much you can do though wjen you pack for a week.

Finally I met this little fellow and so did Patrick.  I think they were both excited to meet.


Yesterday started out on the downside, as breakfast was a homemade yogart and garnola.  When put together it looked like the consistancy of a cat throwing up dried cat food.  Lunch was great again and supper was okay but I did habe to wait nearly 20 minites for my dietary restriction to be ready.  Plain chicken amd rice, I suspect it will be that all week.

This os my only negative of the week, I am sire each day will bring up and downs, but so far the ups are far outweighing anu negatives.

We spent the morning and afternoon ( after our bus was delayed 30 minutes to clean up kid vomit ) working on the Highlamd games site.  We have made a loot of progress and have such an amazing  team who I lool forward to working with all week. 

After the work day was over, I visited the recently opened trading post and picked up the items that I wanted for my swag and badges.  From there I went to Zone Wests booth and picked up my and Lea-Anne’s hoodies.  Lex and I will get one together another day for him.  I then went over and met and chatted with some of the greaf Badger’s Club members, meeting some for the first time. A great experiance? I am glad I joined this club.

After some wonderful trades with youth and adults a like, and getting to put faces to some of the people I habe been chatting with on facebook and twitter I went to bed just as the rain began to fall.

I will end the update with Patrick’s Adventure picture, which I am told people look forward every day.  Today’s comes from the Highland Games Project.

Day 2: Making Friends

Well day 2 is over and it was a great day.  We got a lot accomplished on our project site and I met a lot of new friends and engaged in some great conversations.  

The day started at 530am to get ready for 6am breakfast.  I still have not beem able to get that green braclet for later grub.  Speaking of grub so far 2 out of 3 meals have been a complete disappoint with lumch beomg the highlight.  I am hopimg for better througout the week.  I dont even know what breakfast was…

Supper was plain rice and unseasoned chicken.  I will never complain about Lea’s coolimg again.  Lunch was really good and was happy with that.  But the negatives are very few and the positives great our site it certainly coming along.

As I am writing this in the morning, and its times for breakfast I will end the days post withmy No, This Is Patrick of the day

Day 1:  Arrival

Well it is finally here and I arrived on site almost 16 hours earlier than planned.  I lay here now in my tent happy with the day so far.  I have music ilon drowning the talking in the tents near by.  We are packed in like sardines.  

I arrived just as the bus was leaving sp had 45 minutes to kill until the next bus and had some engaging conversation with the transport team OOS and the the bus arrived to take me to my final destination, Camp Nedooae and CJ2017.  Once I arrived on site I got registered and was assigned early meals.  So 6am breakfasts, yuck.  Hoping I can trade up for the later meals instead.  We then had orientation were I learned quite a few new songs while we waited to heal the speel aboit the week. 

From there we were to go get oir registration packages which I stood in line for over an hour to get, only to find out they wouldn’t have mine until morning, slight hiccup but no big deal.

From there I wandered around the subcamp for a while until I found the first of many on my list I have pretraded with and then just before bed I comppeted my first on the spot trade.  Three badges in the first few hours seems like a good start.

For now its off to bed, breakfast is hella early.  I will leave you with todaus No, This Is Patrick, taken just as I was leaving for CJ.

It’s almost here…

So in just 36 hours I will be heading out to Camp Nedooae for the Canadian National Jamboree.  This has been over a year in the making of fundraisers, fundraisers and even more fundraisers.  It would not have been able to happen without the support of everyone.  Especially my co-workers who bought tons of fudge and saved me all their bottles.  So thank you.

I am more than just a little excited about this Jamboree having never gotten to go to a Canadian Jamboree as a youth, although I did fundraise to go to one back in 1993 before dad got posted to Halifax.

Now 24 years later the jamboree is just at my door step and how could I not go, not only that I will be able to share the experiance with Alexander.  Even if he is going with another group and I working offer of service.  We arw both bound to habe a great time though and we will see each other for badge trading and whew badge trading we will do, loads of it.  That is when I am not running around the camp in a kilt causing mischief, or taking photos with my tag along Patrick Starr.

Please feel free to follow my camp adventure here as I will be posting daily updates on what went on, what badges I have traded with and what mischief Mr. Starr and I get into.

For now, I will leabe you with the forst photo in our No, this is Patrick series.