Day 1:  Arrival

Well it is finally here and I arrived on site almost 16 hours earlier than planned.  I lay here now in my tent happy with the day so far.  I have music ilon drowning the talking in the tents near by.  We are packed in like sardines.  

I arrived just as the bus was leaving sp had 45 minutes to kill until the next bus and had some engaging conversation with the transport team OOS and the the bus arrived to take me to my final destination, Camp Nedooae and CJ2017.  Once I arrived on site I got registered and was assigned early meals.  So 6am breakfasts, yuck.  Hoping I can trade up for the later meals instead.  We then had orientation were I learned quite a few new songs while we waited to heal the speel aboit the week. 

From there we were to go get oir registration packages which I stood in line for over an hour to get, only to find out they wouldn’t have mine until morning, slight hiccup but no big deal.

From there I wandered around the subcamp for a while until I found the first of many on my list I have pretraded with and then just before bed I comppeted my first on the spot trade.  Three badges in the first few hours seems like a good start.

For now its off to bed, breakfast is hella early.  I will leave you with todaus No, This Is Patrick, taken just as I was leaving for CJ.