Day 2: Making Friends

Well day 2 is over and it was a great day.  We got a lot accomplished on our project site and I met a lot of new friends and engaged in some great conversations.  

The day started at 530am to get ready for 6am breakfast.  I still have not beem able to get that green braclet for later grub.  Speaking of grub so far 2 out of 3 meals have been a complete disappoint with lumch beomg the highlight.  I am hopimg for better througout the week.  I dont even know what breakfast was…

Supper was plain rice and unseasoned chicken.  I will never complain about Lea’s coolimg again.  Lunch was really good and was happy with that.  But the negatives are very few and the positives great our site it certainly coming along.

As I am writing this in the morning, and its times for breakfast I will end the days post withmy No, This Is Patrick of the day