Yesterday started out on the downside, as breakfast was a homemade yogart and garnola.  When put together it looked like the consistancy of a cat throwing up dried cat food.  Lunch was great again and supper was okay but I did habe to wait nearly 20 minites for my dietary restriction to be ready.  Plain chicken amd rice, I suspect it will be that all week.

This os my only negative of the week, I am sire each day will bring up and downs, but so far the ups are far outweighing anu negatives.

We spent the morning and afternoon ( after our bus was delayed 30 minutes to clean up kid vomit ) working on the Highlamd games site.  We have made a loot of progress and have such an amazing  team who I lool forward to working with all week. 

After the work day was over, I visited the recently opened trading post and picked up the items that I wanted for my swag and badges.  From there I went to Zone Wests booth and picked up my and Lea-Anne’s hoodies.  Lex and I will get one together another day for him.  I then went over and met and chatted with some of the greaf Badger’s Club members, meeting some for the first time. A great experiance? I am glad I joined this club.

After some wonderful trades with youth and adults a like, and getting to put faces to some of the people I habe been chatting with on facebook and twitter I went to bed just as the rain began to fall.

I will end the update with Patrick’s Adventure picture, which I am told people look forward every day.  Today’s comes from the Highland Games Project.