Day 4 – A Quick Update

I am not going to be long today.  Yesterday started the same way, but this time it started with a lot of rain, and I mean a lot.  The fields are muddy and wet.  I spent most of the breakfast period in the dinning hall before heading down to project where we finished a lot.  Just some final preperations to go Sunday.

I took an extended lunch to meet up with Alexander and got a lovely video of his group arriving, after supper I spent time doing, you guessed it badhe trading.  Before heading to the opening ceremony where I ran into this kid.

Poor guu looked tired already, I gave h hos badges and promised him I would get him a smaller chaor to carry around in the day.  His pack was way to heavy for him as well.  Not much you can do though wjen you pack for a week.

Finally I met this little fellow and so did Patrick.  I think they were both excited to meet.