Today was our first session of the highland games.  The project worked out very well and everyone seemed to emjoy themselves.  It  is going to be a very good week of projects.

On the food front, things are much improved but I had to switch to the later breakfast/supper to accomodate the project.  I enjoyed my 45 min of quiet time at camp that the early breakfast allowed.  But it will have to do.

I spent the evening nadge tradimg, but omce agaim without Alexander as they have them on a pretty strict schedule, so I have a feeling I will barely see him this week.  Which really makes me mad as I had hoped to spend the majoroty of the evenings with him.  I wont ruffle feathers over it though.  Bit he is missing out on time we planned for each other.

While badge trading a young girl came up to talk to me, I noticed her from tje day before we chatted and she said the badhe we traded had been stolen out of her bag during the first project and she was out of traders to get a new one.  I happily handed her another one and her eues swelled up with tears, she said she couldn not just take it and I said alright, we’d trade it for her having a good time at CJ17.  She agreed.  It made me miss not havomg Alexander at my side more.

At least Patrick keeps me company.